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Transped started furnishing industrial logistic services for big chemical Companies.
On 2006 Transped started port terminal activities specializing in bulk and break bulk cargoes handling.
Since 2008 Transped is part of the group Porto di Carrara Spa (Bogazzi Group).
Inside of its big open yards, covered areas and warehouses Transped is giving dedicated areas to heavy items assembling and packaging operators to do their activities directly linked to its quays.
For the future the plans include the increasing of quay, draft and cranes for heavy lifts.
Transped is certified UNI-EN-ISO:9001, BSOHSAS:18001 and is going to get certification 14001 in 2014.

Transped Spa - Via dell'Elettricitą 39 - 30175 Marghera (VE)